Sample Questions Candidate May Ask the Manager

  • Tell me more about the science behind (x, y or z).
  • Why is this position available?
  • What are the company’s plans for growth? One year? 3 – 5 years? Is there an exit strategy?
  • What are the daily responsibilities? What specifically do you (the manager) need accomplished by this person
  • Ask them to explain in their words how they view the working environment. What is the culture of the company? How many people? Do they work in teams or individual projects?
  • How much interaction will there be with people outside of the company? Are those people clients? Contractors? Prospects?
  • What is the potential career growth?
  • Conclude by saying something upbeat that will communicate your enthusiasm. “This sounds really interesting. I would like to see your facility and meet the group.” Or “What we have discussed sounds very exciting. What are the next steps?” leave everyone with a definite feeling that you are enthusiastic about moving to the next step.
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