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Best Interview Ever

Preparing for the Phone Screen
What should you have in front of you when you get on the video or phone call with the potential hiring person?
  • A copy of the job description
  • A copy of your own CV or resume

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Curriculum Vitae - A Celebration Of Life
After reviewing thousands of CVs’ over the years I notice that scientists approach their CV’s in one of two fundamental ways.
  1. I Must Make My CV Only Two/Three Pages!!
    These people feel their CV should be no more than two pages long… three at the outside. They have been warned by others that if the CV isn’t simple and brief they run the risk of losing the reader’s attention. They hear that if a CV is longer it will be set aside and passed over for the shorter ones.

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Do Your Homework!
If you are preparing for a video screen or a full interview you will have already spoken with us and viewed the company website, you should have a strong sense of the company’s scientific space and have insight into the company philosophies. Hopefully, you have read my other blog about being prepared!

Now we dive a little deeper
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What Might the Company Ask?
There are some fundamental questions that come up at every level of hiring. I outline a few sample questions intended to gauge your critical thinking.
  • Why are you looking for a new job? (Whether you are presently working or not you need to have a ready, clear and positive answer to this basic question)

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Sample Questions Candidate Should Ask The Manager
As you think about your questions keep in mind that your fist intent is to answer their questions. Yet, when possible the questions below give you a start in thinking about what might be important considerations as you assess your next move.
  • Tell me more about the science
  • Why is this position available?

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