Steele Executive Search, Inc.
Steele Executive Search, Inc.

classic retained search

This Classic Search is the service most preferred by our clients. The fee is split into thirds, the first of which is paid upon initiating a contract, the second upon a mutually agreed upon milestone typically 2 months into the search and the final payment after the successful conclusion of the search.

Included in this choice is:
  1. Exclusive ownership of all candidates until you have decided not to pursue
  2. Weekly telephone meetings and reports to keep you abreast of progress and to help refocus the search trajectory when needed.
  3. All reference checking provided in concise reports.
  4. Advice on compensation, title, candidate triaging, debriefing, and closing strategies.
  5. Meeting the key candidates if requested.
  6. Making the initial soft offer.
As always, we work for you and we encourage you to suggest anything that you feel is important and we will happily adjust our approach. Everything we do is for our clients and we pride ourselves on being quick to embrace unique requests.
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