Steele Executive Search, Inc.
Steele Executive Search, Inc.
Preparing for the Phone Screen
What should you have in front of you when you get on the video or phone call with the potential hiring person?
  • A copy of the job description
  • A copy of your own CV or resume
  • Any information on the company i.e. website content, press releases.
  • Articles by the founders or principals in the company. Especially the person with whom you are interviewing.
  • Finally, but equally important, the list of questions you want answered.
A good conversation becomes fluid and takes on a life of its own very quickly. By being prepared you can think on your feet because you have already covered much of this ground in advance. It is not necessary to have the perfect answer to every question, equally important is the approach and calm way in which you answer. There is no substitute for good preparation and an enthusiastic tone, a humble ability to own what you don’t know while at the same time expressing wisdom about how to find answers.

Working closely with us will help you to understand the opportunity, the personality of the interviewer and how to make your best impression.

When you are prepared and that phone rings, SMILE, RELAX and ENJOY.

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