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Steele Executive Search, Inc.


Peter Toogood, Ph.D. ~ SVP of Chemistry, Lycera, Corp.
“It was a distinct pleasure to work with Paula. Her attention to detail and responsiveness to our particular needs were exemplary. Paula provided us with a roster of highly excellent and qualified candidates for the position we were seeking to fill. I would not hesitate to work with her again for our next executive search.”

Andrew Cook, Ph.D. ~ Principal Scientist, Forum Pharmaceuticals
“I first worked with Paula when Steele Executive Search approached me about an open position. Even though I had already applied, Paula took the care and attention to explain the position, and the key people involved so I could understand the companies needs in greater detail. I was grateful for the advice and assistance Paula was able to give in my job search and career advice in our contacts since. At every point she takes care to understand both the businesses and individuals needs so that they both benefit from her experience.”

Michael G. Palfreyman, Ph.D., DSc ~ Palfreyman BioPharm Advisors, Inc.
“I have known and worked with Paula over many years. Her wise advice, attention to detail and amazing ability to find the right candidate for the right job has encouraged me to go back to her on multiple occasions. I totally trust her judgment of the candidates qualities, discretion in interviewing the company to find out their exact needs and then working with the company and the candidate to ensure a successful outcome. Paula has placed many exceptional candidates in leadership positions, including some I have had the pleasure to work with over the 40 plus years of pharmaceutical and biotechnology experiences I have so much enjoyed. I recommend Paula to you without reservation.”

Roy Vaz, Ph.D. ~ Head, Structure, Design and Informatics
“I have known Paula for more than 15 years. She has an effortless communication style which makes it easy to establish trust with the individual she is trying to place. She encourages questions about the individuals concerns and raises them up to the prospective employer during the placement process. She is an incredible resource, very open and responsive and a pleasure to work with at an important, tough juncture in a person’s career.”

Alita A. Miller, Ph.D. – Associate Director, External Collaborations, Infection Innovative Medicines – AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals
“I have Paula Kazarosian to thank for my recent move to a very exciting opportunity in the iStrategy Infection group at AstraZeneca. In my experience, what sets Paula apart from other recruiters is her insistence on finding the best match on both a personal and scientific level. I really appreciate her candid, open style and her willingness to spend as much time and effort as possible to ensure the best outcome for both employee and employer. I would highly recommend Paula to anyone looking to either find or fill an executive position in the scientific industry.”

Dr. Ruben Tommasi – Chemistry Unit Head Infection iMED – AstraZeneca formerly Head of Infection Chemistry Novartis Biomedical Research, Cambridge
I have worked with Paula on several challenging searches and she has always delivered by identifying key talented individuals that would make a perfect fit. Her diligence in thoroughly understanding the role that we’re trying to fill and the important features that we’re looking for in the ideal candidate is second to none. I’ve worked with Paula in filling roles in the US as well as internationally and her network is incredible. She has identified successful candidates for roles where others have struggled.

Dr. Jeff Kiplinger – President/CEO – Averica Discovery Services, Inc
“Paula is among the best I’ve seen at the aspects of recruiting that matter most to me – understanding my need, finding the candidates that fit best, and gathering pertinent information that I can use to make a hiring decision. The best part of working with her is her new business model, where I can use her skills as needed. Whether she manages my entire search to hire process or just a piece of it, I trust her to apply the same effort and wisdom.”

Dr. Jay George – Chief Scientific Officer – Trevigen
“I have known Paula for over 20 years…and have given her “impossible” searches to perform. In a matter of days she makes the impossible… possible finding highly skilled candidates for very unique positions. I am impressed that no matter the task she approaches them with the same level of enthusiasm and professionalism. I highly recommend her…”

Dr. Lucas Utley – Senior Scientist Metabolism ID – Agios Pharmaceuticals
“Paula does what few recruiters make the effort to do. She takes the time to understand the fit between a candidate’s skills and personality vs. the company’s needs and culture. She wants the candidate and the client to be happy with each other. As a result, she helped me find a job where I can truly grow while working with a group of people I love!”

Simon N. Pimstone, MD, Ph.D., FRCPC – President & CEO
“Paula Kazarosian recently assisted Xenon in concluding a search for a new EVP, R&D. Apart from the outstanding outcome, Paula led this process superbly. Her honesty, flexibility, availability and access to talented senior managers made working with Paula uncomplicated and most enjoyable. I would highly recommend Paula and Steele Executive Search.”

Dr. Christopher Cooper – Vice President Chemistry – TB Alliance
“I have worked with Steele Executive Search on a number of new opportunities and I have consistently found Paula’s advice to be spot on the mark. She is always very friendly and helpful, even when her personal interest is not at stake. Not only is Paula extraordinarily knowledgeable about the industry but she seems to know everybody and is especially insightful with regard to understanding people’s strengths and interests. In all my dealings with Paula I have been very impressed with her honesty and integrity. I have personally referred several people to her knowing that she is the very best!”

Julie Olson ~Former CEO
“We are thrilled that Tim is now a part of the Mersana team…His extensive leadership in oncology research and his experience with polymer-based drug systems are an ideal match for Mersana”.

Kevin Chen, MBA – Chief Operating Officer
“The help from Steele Executive Search in identifying key scientific and business leaders has been instrumental in our efforts to build a world class team, especially for a company such as ours that is located thousands of miles away in a different country. We have high confidence in the SES network, experience and capability, and especially the way each search is handled.”

Dr. David M. Armistead 
“I’ve known Paula for many years now and always have been impressed with her intuitive ability and dedication to quality and personal attention. She understands how to find the best and can be counted on to not only source the right candidate but to close the deal as well.”

Dr. Michael Pavia – Entrepreneur-in-Residence
“I’ve worked with Paula on both sides of the fence. She helped me to find my first Biotech position many years ago and I was so taken with her positive attitude and ability to honestly represent both points of view that I have continued to work with her over the years and will always turn to her with my needs. She gets the job done, with clear purpose and no hidden agenda.”

Dr. Richard Heyman – Chief Scientific Officer
“…I have worked with Paula over the past 13 years during which time she greatly assisted us in finding very qualified scientists with expertise in both chemistry and biology. She was indispensable in identifying candidates ranging from Vice Presidents to Research Associates. While she is extremely thorough in checking references and making sure that the fit is perfect her strongest quality is the ease with which she secures trust and confidence and the complete honesty with which she presents candidates!”

Dr. Dick Begley – Former President & Chief Executive Officer
“Paula’s help in recruiting a CSO for Ensemble was instrumental. We are a company integrating chemistry, biology and nanotechnology to create novel biotechnology products. Finding the right person for this position was a major challenge. Paula brought us many good candidates, particularly with skills to cross multidisciplinary boundaries. We are very pleased, both with our new CSO, as well as with Paula for her patience and perceptiveness in finding excellent, but rare candidates.”

Dr. Nicholas Terrett – Scientific Associate Vice President, European Chemistry Lead
“Over the last few years I have found my interactions with Paula to be both professional and informative. She assisted me with my search for a new position that not only met my immediate career needs, but discussions with her also allowed a careful consideration of a broader, longer term perspective.”

GeminxMr. Dan Giampuzzi – Former Chief Executive Officer & President
“…I’ve used many search firms in the course of my career and when it comes to locating extraordinary scientific personnel I always go to Paula to fill those positions. She has a unique approach to people that presents our company well and at the same time makes the candidates feel comfortable with the process to ensure the best fit for both parties …”

Dr. Dan Marquess – Vice President of Chemistry
“Paula provides a unique and unmatched depth and breadth of connections throughout the global pharmaceutical industry. She is highly respected and trusted which allows her to reach out to an impressive array of potential candidates and advisors. This enables her thorough evaluation of the compatibility of both the candidate and their potential new role in a manner that is significantly differentiated over other approaches. Her ethical and committed approach to ensure that the candidate and the new opportunity are compatible makes for a highly effective approach.”

Dr. S. David Kimball – Chief Scientific Officer
“I have known Paula Kazarosian for well over a decade and three different companies. I have always had great confidence in her ability to evaluate and present candidates, and to understand the essential aspects of the positions she is filling. Paula is very thorough in her evaluation and reference-checking of candidates. She is honest and forthright, and I recommend her to any company, large or small, that is in need of a serious and professional recruiting service.”

Dr. Michael Varney – Senior Vice President – Small Molecule Drug Discovery
“I have know Paula for over 15 years now and have always found her to be knowledgeable, honest, flexible, and insightful. She seems to know everyone in the industry and has worked successfully with a huge number of executives. She has a very good feel for what her clients want and she is dedicated to finding them the best fit for their position. I would recommend her without reservation.”

Dr. Mike Rowley – Head of European Discovery Chemistry – Merck, Lucerne
“Paula Kazarosian has been extremely helpful during the period I was looking for new opportunities. She was always available, interested, and really understood my needs and desires. Very importantly, she was also very open and direct, allowing me to honestly evaluate the choices available. All this despite having no vested interest in the outcome. Outstanding!”

Candidate Comment – “…I don’t believe anyone that I have spoken with so far, which includes a growing list of pharma scientists, managers and recruiters, has cut to the point as effectively as you did, nor has anyone provided the level of detailed and insightful suggestions…”.

Comment – “I love the energy and passion you infuse in your website. I wish I was a Pharma or biotech company looking to hire new execs because it looks like you are making the process both enormously productive and fun”
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