Steele Executive Search, Inc.
Steele Executive Search, Inc.

why steele

36 years of experience combined with strong communication skills and empathic intuition brings us quickly inside the heart of our people. All of us who work here enjoy connecting with people and learning their stories which is the ‘secret sauce’ to our repeated success.

Listening skills are the key to matching the best candidates with their ideal position. These skills have become second nature to us and I encourage you to call and test us in this!

We seek to fully understand your organization, your complex personalities, and your vision for your team. As this title suggests, our approach is unique. We focus intensely on understanding you prior to presenting any candidates.

This requires time spent with you and your team members early in the search process thus enabling us to be more than just a purveyor of names but to be a partner with you.

Network and Connections are not the same thing. Network is the second floor, while connections are the stairs. Though they are integrally enmeshed the connections must be made before the network can be built. At Steele Executive Search we lean strongly on personal connections and avoid buying or utilizing prefabricated lists.

We believe that talented people know talented people and that this is the premier pathway to finding the best candidates! We make it our business to know the most talented people which means that we are constantly checking references to sift through our pool of talent. Being prepared in this way gives us the ability to start a search with extraordinarily little ramp time.

Because we enjoy and encourage communication trust follows and give us the edge when it comes time to close. People trust us because we have proven to be trustworthy. Our aim is to do the best job for both our clients and our candidates which is obvious from our first conversation to our successful result! Both our clients and our candidates feel valued and satisfied that their needs are understood.

With such a loud and distracting world around us it’s easy to spend time reacting to its clamor, but we, at SES, have learned not to take our eyes off the ball and to disregard the distractions.

We know we have a job to do, a position to fill which will influence the success or failure of our clients. SES is laser focused on YOUR needs and making the best choice for YOU.
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