Classic Search

Classic Search is the service most preferred by our clients. The fee is split into thirds, the first of which is paid upon initiating a contract, the second after three viable candidates have been presented and the final payment after the hire is made.

Reserve Search

Our Reserve Search refers to a contract which involves an exclusive arrangement between you and Steele Executive Search. One-third is paid as an initiation fee and the final two-thirds of the fee are paid upon successful conclusion of said search.

About Our Company


To approach every client and every candidate with equal energy and transparency. To think like water, always fluid, moving through all obstacles to find the perfect bond between both entities to ensure success!


Integrity – 

having a deep guiding principle that transcends monetary remuneration.

Intuition –

an immediate understanding of abstract ideas.

Experience –

knowledge, skills and experience acquired through time.

Here is a sampling of roles we have worked on:


Paula Kazarosian

Founder, Steele Executive Search

On a hundred acre horse farm, in the rugged mountains of Maine, Paula established Steele Executive Search, a culmination of her gift for connecting talent with opportunity. For the past twenty years, Steele Executive Search has been synonymous with excellence in the field of executive search. Specializing in early-stage drug discovery, her firm excels in identifying top-tier executive talent, shaping the future of innovative biotech endeavors as well as working with established large pharmaceutical companies.


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