Steele Executive Search, Inc.
Steele Executive Search, Inc.
Do Your Homework!
If you are preparing for a video screen or a full interview you will have already spoken with us and viewed the company website, you should have a strong sense of the company’s scientific space and have insight into the company philosophies. Hopefully, you have read my other blog about being prepared!

Now we dive a little deeper

The main goal of the company is to see if you can perform and be an asset to them. Look critically at your own CV as you might imagine the company would. Has there been clear growth with each position? Is there any position where you stayed too long? Does the CV show
side tracking, stagnation or potential pitfalls? Have you moved too quickly from job to job? The company may probe into these issues, and you must be able to answer in an honest, upbeat and succinct manner.

Being prepared in advance to answer all difficult questions is invaluable, even if the question never gets asked. The time to think things through is NOT when the CSO is on the other end of the phone.

Do you know the important compounds and goals of the company? Be sure that you have researched what is in the clinic at the company, what new directions they might be taking.

Who are the Scientific Founders? What recent hires have they made on the executive team?

Have they recently received any funding; series A or B; gone public?

You must ask questions. Be sure to have read an article or two about their scientific profile and have some intelligent questions ready to ask. Asking tough questions in a respectful, non-confrontational manner is a positive thing.

There is less interest when the candidate does not ask any questions.

Express interest and you will generate interest!

Above all HAVE FUN!
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